Affair, The (Showtime 2014, Dominic West, Ruth Wilson)

The Affair Showtime Cast

Over its first two seasons, told from distinctly different perspectives, The Affair explored the emotional and psychological effects of an affair that destroyed two marriages, and the crime that bound these individuals together.

The Affair features Ruth Wilson in her Golden Globe-winning role as Alison, a young woman attempting to move on from tragedy and build a lasting relationship while contending with the judgment of others and her own self-doubt. Her lover Noah (Golden Globe nominee Dominic West) is a burgeoning writer trying to balance the temptations of success, the family he left behind, and the woman he loves.

Noah’s former wife Helen (Emmy Award nominee Maura Tierney) is attempting to piece her life together while navigating divorce proceedings, care for her children, and her parents’ noxious influence. Screen Actors Guild(R) nominee Joshua Jackson plays Cole, Alison’s former husband struggling to overcome past heartbreak and start a promising new life.

At the conclusion of season two, the mystery of who killed Scotty Lockhart was finally solved when it was revealed that Helen (Maura Tierney) was at the wheel of the hit-and-run that killed him on the night of Cole’s (Joshua Jackson) wedding. To save Helen, his ex-wife and the mother of his children, Noah (Dominic West) confesses to the crime.

Meanwhile, his new wife Alison (Ruth Wilson) is left to raise her daughter, whose father turns out to be Cole, Alison’s ex-husband.

Ruth Wilson as Alison
Dominic West as Noah
Joshua Jackson as Cole
Julia Goldani Telles as Whitney
Maura Tierney as Helen

key behind the scenes crew
Hagai Levi as Creator/Executive Producer
Mark Mylod as Executive Producer/Director of Pilot
Sarah Treem as Creator/Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
12 October 2014

network and production companies

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