All For Love (Hallmark 2017, Sara Rue, Steve Bacic)

All For Love

In All For Love, after a string of successes, romance novelist Jo Parker (Sara Rue) is worried that she’s lost her Cupid’s touch. She herself has sworn off relationships, her sales are down and her last book was a critical and commercial disaster replete with factual errors. Jo is badly in need of a success and her publisher isn’t happy with her first draft of “SEALed with a Kiss,” featuring a hunky Navy Seal hero.

With her career in balance, Jo unenthusiastically commits herself to an immersive research course with an openly skeptical retired Seal, Colin Shaw (Steve Bacic), who runs a military-style boot camp. As Jo embarks on the grueling regimen alongside aspiring Seals and Marines, she discovers capabilities she didn’t know she had and contributes to her team in ways no one expected. From their rocky beginnings, writer and sailor develop a mutual respect and perhaps something more — but can art really imitate life?

Sara Rue as Jo Parker
Steve Bacic as Colin Shaw

key behind the scenes crew
Harvey Kahn as Producer
Jack Grossbart as Executive Producer
Lee Friedlander as Director
Lee Friedlander as Writer
Linda Kent as Executive Producer
Mark Famiglietti as Writer
Marnie Young as Executive Producer
Michael Shepard as Executive Producer
Michael Testa as Writer
Tracy Andreen as Writer

show type
drama, movie of the week

broadcast from
Saturday 27 May 2017 at 9.00pm

network and production companies
Hallmark – Book Road Productions

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