American Ripper (History 2017)

American Ripper

In History’s eight-part limited series “American Ripper,” the great-great-grandson of serial killer, H.H. Holmes, Jeff Mudgett is determined to prove an astonishing, controversial theory: that H.H. Holmes and Britain’s notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, were the same man.

Herman Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes, was America’s first serial killer rumored to have claimed as many as 200 lives in the late 19th century. Simultaneously, an unidentified murderer known as Jack the Ripper was terrorizing the streets of London. Mudgett leads an investigation that secured permission to exhume the presumed body of H.H. Holmes for DNA testing to determine whether he pulled off the ultimate con, escaping his own execution to lead a second secret life.

Jeff Mudgett

key behind the scenes crew
Jason Fox as Executive Producer
Kristen Burns as Executive Producer (History)
Laura Palumbo Johnson as Executive Producer
Matthew Ostrom as Executive Producer
Sean Boyle as Executive Producer (History)

show type

broadcast from
Tuesday 11 July 2017
1 season with 8 episodes in total

network and production companies
History – Magilla Entertainment


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