Animals, Animals, Animals (ABC 1976-1981, Hal Linden, Lynn Kellogg)

Animals, Animals, Animals

We’ll give you three guesses what this show was about, and they’d all better start with “Animals.”

In the days before cable brought us Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet and crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, our only windows to the world of wild creatures were National Geographic specials and shows like Animals, Animals, Animals. Hosted by Hal Linden, star of Barney Miller, this educational Sunday morning program delivered fun facts and footage from the animal kingdom.

The show also featured folk tunes written and performed by Lynn Kellogg, who sang about the episode’s spotlighted animal. Linden and Kellogg would also use art and literature to enlighten their audiences. ABC News correspondent Roger Caras was on board as well, contributing veterinary care tips.

Animals, Animals, Animals

Lynn Kellogg sang a song about the animal of the week.

Airing outside the competitive Saturday morning schedule, Animals, Animals, Animals survived the process of natural selection for five seasons, cancelled only when This Week With David Brinkley decided to move up the food chain.

production details
USA / ABC / x25 minute episodes / Broadcast 12 September 1976 – 8 November 1981

Hal Linden
Lynn Kellogg
Roger Caras

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