Archie Comedy Hour, The (CBS 1969-1970, Dallas McKennon, Jane Webb)

Archies Comedy Hour

Archie and his friends had already enjoyed twenty-seven years of popularity in comic book form by the time they made it to Saturday morning television. The various Archies series (nine over the course of twenty years) mixed quick, Laugh-In inspired comic sketches with adventures and pop music.

The 1969-1970 season was the second on television for Archie and his friends. Their show held to the same formula as the year before, but due to its popularity had expanded to an hour-length format and changed its title to The Archie Comedy Hour.

The show continued to feature comic vignettes, psychedelic backgrounds, and pop music performed by The Archies (an actual band fronted by studio musician Ron Dante, with a number one hit, “Sugar, Sugar,” in 1969). However, this season also introduced Sabrina the Teenage Witch to television audiences. A year later, Filmation placed Sabrina in her own series, which ran in one form or another for eight years.
production details
USA / CBS – Filmation / x25 minute episodes / 6 September 1969 – 5 September 1970

Dallas McKennon as Archie Andrews
Dallas McKennon as Mr. Weatherbee
Jane Webb as Betty Cooper
Jane Webb as Veronica Lodge
Howard Morris as Jughead Jones
Howard Morris as Big Moose
Jane Webb as Big Ethel
John Erwin as Reggie Mantle
Howard Morris as Hot Dog
Jane Webb as Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Jane Webb as Miss Grundy
Howard Morris as Pops

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