Barnaby Jones (CBS 1973-1980, Buddy Ebsen, Lee Meriweather)

Barnaby Jones

A private detective themed show starring Buddy Ebsen as the ageing tec Barnaby Jones.

A typical Quinn Martin production, at the start of the series Los Angeles based Jones had retired leaving his business in the hands of his son Hal but when Hal is murdered during an investigation Barnaby once more takes an active role. Hal’s wife Betty also became part of the business helping Jones on his cases.

Barnaby was a bit of a forensics wiz and had his own special laboratory at home. Other regulars were Lt John Biddle and Barnaby’s young cousin J.R. (short for Jebediah Romano) Jones who ending up working with Barnaby after arriving to ask Barnaby to solve the murder of his father.

There would be occasional crossover episodes with fellow Quinn Martin show Cannon whilst that production was on the air.

production details
USA / CBS – Quinn Martin Prod. / 174×60 minute episodes / 28 January 1973 – 4 September 1980

Creator/Executive Producer: Quinn Martin / Music: Jerry Goldsmith

BUDDY EBSEN as Barnaby Jones
MARK SHERA as Jebidiah Roman ‘JR’ Jones (1976-80)
VINCE HOWARD as Lt Joe Taylor (1973)
JOHN CARTER as Lt John Biddle (1974-80)

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