Becker (CBS 1998-2004, Ted Danson, Terry Farrell)

Becker Ted Danson

Sitcom detailing the cases of well meaning but often abrasive Bronx based Doctor John Becker. By the series end Danson was becoming disgruntled with CBS’s treatment of the show “You’re out. You’re in. You’re out. You’re in,” is how he described the network’s treatment of the series. “They never really cancel things,” he says. “They just let them disappear. I think canceling is bad juju.”

Danson was “pleasantly surprised” when Becker was picked up for 13 more episodes end of 2003, but understood that it was only temporary. Everyone concerned knew that the show would be gone by mid-season. “In truth, we got what we wanted,” Danson says. “We didn’t want to step through a trap door. We wanted to be able to go out and relish 13 episodes of us going out the way we wanted. We got to come back and end it with some degree of grace.”

Ted Danson as Dr. John Becker
Terry Farrell as Regina ‘Reggie’ Kostas
Hattie Winston as Margaret Wyborn
Shawnee Smith as Linda
Alex Désert as Jake Malinak
Saverio Guerra as Bob

crew details
Creator: Dave Hackel
Executive Producers: Dave Hackel, Ian Gurvitz, Russ Woody
Music: Bruce Miller

production details
Country: USA
Studio: CBS – Paramount – Dave Hackel Prod – Industry Ent.
Duration: x25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1998-2004

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