Beulah (ABC 1950-1953, Ethel Waters)


Sitcom about maid Beulah who is really the one in charge in the Henderson household. Originally heard as part of the radio show Fibber McGee and Molly, Beulah quickly graduated to her own radio show before moving to TV in 1950.

Bill Jackson was Beulah’s boyfriend and the role of Beulah was taken over in 1952 by Louise Beavers. Hattie McDaniel had taken on the role at this time, appearing in just a few episodes but fell ill and was then replaced by Beavers.

Beulah is definitely important because it was one of the very few shows of the time featuring people of color in main roles.

production details
USA / ABC / x30m-e / 1950-1953 black and white

ETHEL WATERS as Beulah (1950-52)
LOUISE BEAVERS as Beulah (1952-53)
WILLIAM POST JR as Harry Henderson (1950-52)
DAVID BRUCE as Harry Henderson (1952-53)
GINGER JONES as Alice Henderson (1950-52)
JANE FRAZEE as Alice Henderson (1952-53)
PERCY “BUD” HARRIS as Bill Jackson (1950-51)
DOOLEY WILSON as Bill (1951-52)
ERNEST WHITMAN as Bill (1952-53)

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