Big Kids (BBC-1 2000, Imogen Stubbs, Duncan Duff)

Big Kids

In fantasy comedy Big Kids, following a stage hypnotist’s stunt, Simon and Kate’s parents regularly and without warning start acting like naughty children but have no memory of it when they recover – blaming any mess and damage they cause on Simon and Kate.

IMOGEN STUBBS as Sarah Spiller
DUNCAN DUFF as Geoff Spiller
MATT ADAMS as Simon Spiller
KELLY SALMAN as Kate Spiller
JASPER BRITTON as Ming the Mindmaster
SAM GREEN as Jake Tyler
KATY LANDIS as Jenny Tyler
JANET AMSDEN as Margaret

crew details
Script Editor: Joysti Patel
Costume Design: Chris Marlowe
Music: Tony Flynn
Design: Paul Munting
Executive Producer: Cas Lester

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: BBC One
Duration: 13x25minutes
Aired From: 27 September – 20 December 2000 Wednesdays at 4.35pm

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