Blake’s 7 (BBC-1 1978-1981 with Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow)

Blake's 7

Scifi drama series Blake’s 7 was set in the third century of the second calendar a group of rebel outlaws try to keep one step ahead of the seemingly all powerful Federation and its female head Servalan.

Roj Blake was the leader of the outlaws, he had been imprisoned on trumped up charges because the Federation considered him a threat, whilst on board a prison ship bound for a convict planet he and a several others managed to escape and take over a super ship (The Liberator) from another galaxy.

Other key personnel included the no scruples at all Kerr Avon (who following Blake’s departure at the end of seven two would assume the role of leader – however Avon was out for himself), cowardly thief Villa and the two women Jenna and Cally. Also heavily involved was the sinister leader of the Federation Servalan and her number one henchman Travis.

In the final episode Blake returned and was killed by Avon who thought Blake had betrayed them, and in the closing moments the whole of the regular crew were killed in a gun battle with federation guards.

production details
UK / BBC One / 52×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 2 January 1978 – 21 December 1981

Creator: Terry Nation / Script Editor: Chris Boucher / Music: Dudley Simpson / Producers: David Maloney (Seasons 1-3), Vere Lorrimer (season 4)

GARETH THOMAS as Roj Blake (seasons1-2)
PAUL DARROW as Kerr Avon
SALLY KNYVETTE as Jenna Stannis (seasons 1-2)
JAN CHAPPELL as Cally (seasons 1-3)
PETER TUDDENHAM as Zen (voice only)
DAVID JACKSON as Gan (seasons 1-2)
STEPHEN GRIEF as Travis (season 1)
BRIAN CROUCHER as Travis (season 2)
GLYNIS BARBER as Soolin (season 4)
STEVEN PACEY as Del Tarrant (seasons 3-4)
JOSETTE SIMON as Dayna (seasons 3-4)

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