Blue Thunder (ABC 1984, James Farentino, Dana Carvey)

Blue Thunder

Based on the hit movie Blue Thunder focuses on a special government department whose specialist piece of equipment was the hi-tech and super technology filled chopper known as Blue Thunder. Heading up the team is Frank Chaney (played by James Farentino) and his electronics specialist side-kick Clinton

Wonderlove aka Jafo (and played by comedy actor Dana Carvey of Wayne’s World fame).

Also part of the team are support truck drivers Bubba and Ski, a pair of ex football players who are more than help in the fight.

classic quote
“Please stop calling me Jafo!”
“Sorry, Jafo.”

production details
USA / ABC / x50 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 January – 7 September 1984

James Farentino as Frank Chaney
Dana Carvey as Clinton “Jafo” Wonderlove
Sandy McPeak as Ed Braddock
Dick Butkus as Richard “Ski” Butowski
Bubba Smith as Lyman Kelsey
Ann Cooper as J.J. Douglas
Kelly Preston as Amy Braddock

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