Bonny (BBC-1 1974, Una McLean, Walter Carr)

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Bonny was a Scottish children’s fantasy sitcom. Flora Haver is the postmistress in small Scottish Highlands village Ballikillern but by night she is the author of stirring adventure stories featuring Captain Bonny and his battles with the evil Mr Black – as she writes her stories come to life.

In the second series Flora had become a famous author and Captain Bonny ended up with her own TV series too.

production details
UK / BBC One / 10×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 March – 24 September 1974
2 seasons with 4 episodes in the first run and six in the second.

Creator: John Morley / Producer: Paul Ciani

UNA McLEAN as Flora Havers/Capt Bonny
WALTER CARR as Mr Knott/Granny Knott
ALEX McAVOY as Auld Jock/Toothy
IAN COLLIER as Mr Black/Blackbeard
JON YULE as Rev Swash/Swashbuckle
GORDON BELBIN as Biily/Billy Bones

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