Breakpoint (BBC-1 1982, Ian Barker, Jane Pearson)

Teen drama serial Breakpoint focussed on working class teenager Barry Grieves who has real potential at tennis. His father though won’t support his dreams of one day turning pro. Tennis coach Frank Abbott recognises Barry’s potential and takes him under his wing. Barry also begins a friendship with well to do Lucy Roberts.

Interestingly despite having no real prior experience both actors playing the young leads, Jane Pearson and Ian Barker, ended up playing in real life tournaments Jane doing well enough to become Hertfordshire’s Under 14’s girls champion.

production details
UK / BBC One / 6×5 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 November – 22 December 1982

Writer: Jeremy Burnham / Production Design: Bill Noble / Executive Producer: Paul Stone / Tennis Advisor: Paul Hutchins / Director: Roger Singleton-Turner

Ian Barker as Barry Grieves
Jane Pearson as Lucy Roberts
Jeremy Burnham as Frank Abbott
Stephen Yardley as Mr Grieves
Christine Hargreaves as Mrs Grieves
Norman Bird as Major Houghton-Jones

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