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Brothers, The: The Ordeal (BBC1 12 Dec 1976, Robin Langford)



In The Ordeal Bill and Gwen’s son Ronnie has been badly injured in a motorbike crash, Gwen rushes to the hospital but Bill is still stuck in Holland and doesn’t know what is going on, the rest of Hammond’s rally around though. When Bill does return home he is shocked to discover that Ronnie will be left a paraplegic.

Meanwhile April has definitely decided to go to Barbados without Merroney who makes it clear that if she does their marriage is over, April though is more than willing to play Merroney at his own game and spells it out to him in no uncertain terms that she knows he married her for her family name and standing and she also knows he is not prepared to give that up.

Ordeal is penultimate episode of The Brothers and it’s surprisingly low key, it’s clear that the production team were planning another season, setting up lots of storylines – Bill and Gwen’s son needing permanent care, Barbara possibly returning home for good, Brian and Jane getting back together and Merroney and April falling apart.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 12 December 1976


Writer: N.J. Crisp / Production Design: Lynda Kettle / Director: Christopher Baker

Season Seven Episode Fifteen

main cast
JEAN ANDERSON as Mary Hammond
RICHARD EASTON as Brian Hammond
ROBIN CHADWICK as David Hammond
JENNIFER WILSON as Jennifer Hammond
KATE O’MARA as Jane Maxwell
COLIN BAKER as Paul Merroney
LIZA GODDARD as April Merroney

guest cast
JULIA GOODMAN as Barbara Trent
ROBIN LANGFORD as Ronald Riley




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