Brouhaha (BBC 1958 with Peter Sellers and Lionel Jeffries)

UK / BBC / 1×40 minute episode / Broadcast 18 September 1958

Writer: George Tabori / Producer: John Vernon / Director: Peter Hall

This shortish little comedy was one of those regular at the times productions that was broadcast direct from the Theatre. In this the Aldwych in the West End of London. It wasn’t the full play just various funny scenes. Notable for the fact that it featured Peter Sellers in an increasingly rare stage role.

Peter Sellers as The Sultan
Bandana Das Gupta as Sultana
Jean Dickson as Sultana
John Wood as The Wall
Timothy Bateson as Uruq Ubaita
Hugh Dickson as Umm
Gordon Gostelow as Obeidallah
Colin Ellis as Bedridden
David Rogers as Afrit
Lionel Jeffries as Buscombe, The Resident
Anne Leon as Pamela
Jules Munshin as Stitch Allentock

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