Catweazle (ITV 1970-1971 with Geoffrey Bayldon and Robin Davies)


In children’s fantasy comedy drama series 11th century wizard Catweazle accidentally transports himself to the 20th century whilst trying to escape from some Norman soldiers. He is befriended by a young boy and finds that everything around him is magic.

Season two was themed around the search Catweazle embarked on for items showing the 12 signs of the zodiac in his search for the mysterious 13th sign that came from the rhyme “12 are they that circle round, if power you seek they must be found, find for where the 13th lies, then climb aloft the one who flies”.

Catweazle Season 2

Catweazle – Season 2 Cast

Eventually it turned out that rather than a “flying spell”, the rhyme was actually a treasure “clue”. This referred to the 12 hours of the high clock on the tower of a mansion house where the roman numerals showed “XIII” in the twelve o’clock position instead of “XII”.  The treasure was found in the loft area behind the clock.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 26×30 minute episode / Broadcast 1970 – 1971

Writer: Richard Carpenter / Executive Producer: Joy Whitby / Producers: Quentin Lawrence, Carl Mannin

ROBIN DAVIES as Carrott Bennett(Season 1)
CHARLES TINGWELL as Mr Bennett(season 1)
NEIL McCALLUM as Sam(season 1)
GARY WARREN as Cedric Collingford (season 2)
MORAY WATSON as Lord Collingford (season 2)
ELSPET GRAY as Lady Collingford (season 2)
PETER BUTTERWORTH as Groome (season 2)