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Chances (Channel 9 1991-1992, Jeremy Sims, Cathy Godbold)


Chances took us inside the machinations of the Taylor family, an archetypal soap family for whom big business, Nazi war fetishists, Asian triad gangs and even Vampires are just an everyday part of life.

Despite only being on the air for two years in the early 90’s Chances is a very well remembered show, not necessarily for the right reasons though, Chances is not just camp, it so far beyond that, like a cross between Dark Shadows and Number 96 it lurks in the TV archives like the proverbial black sheep of the family.

Chances actually had a reasonable pedigree when it started, Beyond International’s entry into the TV market had begun as an attempt to revive the glory days of Number 96 and The Box, their initial premise was to have followed a family who won $3 million on the lottery, however the shows early promise of a Sons and Daughters-esque feuding family saga quickly descended into a barrage of boobs, bums and some decidedly dodgy acting. The plots were soon featuring everything from vampires to Asian triads to imaginary friends.

The early 90’s fashions and sets (which surprisingly look incredibly dated) and the chance to spot prominent Aussie’s in compromising positions such as Kate Langbroek (her nude scene isn’t mentioned on her CV funnily enough) and Michael Caton (the scene where he returns home to his apartment to be confronted by a vampire is hilarious. Other guest stars included the likes of Abigail and Lynda Stoner.

Over the course of the shows run cast members came and went with alarming regularity with later episodes tending to focus on manipulative businessman Alex Taylor.

production details
Australia / Channel 9 – Beyond / 125×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1991-1992

Executive Producer: Brendon Lunney / Producer: Lynn Bayonas

John Sheerin as Dan Taylor
Brenda Addie as Barbara Taylor
Jeremy Sims as Alex Taylor
Natalie Mccurry as Rebecca Young
Cathy Godbold as Nicki Taylor
Yvonne Lawley as Heather Mcglashan
Tim Robertson as Jack Taylor
Anne Grigg as Sarah Taylor
Leverne Mcdonnell as Phillipa Taylor
Rhys Muldoon as Ben Taylor
Deborah Kennedy As Connie Reynolds
Mark Kounnas as Chris Reynolds
Simon Grey as Sam Reynolds
Kimberley Davenport as Charlie Gibson
Michael Caton as Bill Anderson
Peter Phelps as David Hensen
Diane Craig as Barbara Taylor
Mouche Phillips as Nicki Taylor

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