Charles In Charge (CBS 1984-1990 with Scott Baio and Willie Aames)

USA / CBS – Universal – Scholastic – Al Burton / 126×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1984-1990

Producers: Michael Jacobs, Al Burton, Jane Startz,

Sitcom. Broke college student Charles gets a job as live in ‘nanny’ for the Pembrokes and their three kids. At the end of the first season CBS pulled the plug but the series carried on in syndication, Charles, however got a new family to look after following the departure of the Pembrokes, this time The Powells.

SCOTT BAIO as Charles
WILLIE AAMES as Buddy Lembeck
JULIE COBB as Jill Pembroke (Season 1)
JAMES WIDDOES as Stan Pembroke (Season 1)
JONATHAN WARD as Douglas Pembroke (Season 1)
APRIL LERMAN as Lila Pembroke (Season 1)
MICHAEL PEARLMAN as Jason Pembroke (Season 1)
JENNIFER RUNYON as Gwendolyn Pierce (Season 1)
SANDRA KERNS as Ellen Powell (from Season 2)
NICOLE EGGERT as Jamie Powell (from Season 2)
JOSIE DAVIS as Sara Powell (from Season 2)
ALEXANDER POLINSKY as Adam Powell (from Season 2)
JAMES CALLAHAN as Walter Powell (from Season 2)
ELLEN TRAVOLTA as Lillian (from Season 2)

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