The Climber (BBC-1 1983, Robin Nedwell, David Battley)

Sitcom The Climber focused on Harry Lumsden, a humble bakery worker, who when he adds up the results wrong of an IQ test, mistakenly thinks he is a genius.

Filled with a new sense of self worth Harry decides to set about improving all aspects of his life and especially his “career”.

Spike Milligan was a surprise guest star in episode four.

production details
UK / BBC One / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 20 January p- 24 February 1983

Writer: Alex Shearer / Music: Derek Warne / Producer: Alan J.W. Bell

Robin Nedwell as Harry
David Battley as Ted
Jacqueline Tong as Shirley
David Williams as Reg
Jack Watson as Mr Thomas
Arnold Peters as Mr Taylor

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