Code Of A Killer (ITV 2015, John Simm, David Threllfall)

Code of a Killer

One of the biggest breakthroughs since the adoption of finger printing is at the heart of crime drama Code Of A Killer. Based on the real life story of Professor Alec Jeffreys, who in 1984 whilst working at Leicester University discovered that every person had an individual DNA “fingerprint”.

Local Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker decides to use the pioneering technology to assist his investigation into the brutal murder of two Leicestershire schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth and realises that the teenage boy who has confessed to the crime is not guilty.

The drama had the full co-operation of both Jeffreys and Baker as well as the families of the two girls. Filmed on location in Leicester and London.

production details
UK / ITV – World Productions / Broadcast 2015

Writer: Michael Crompton / Executive Producer: Simon Heath / Producer: Priscilla Parish / Director: James Strong

John Simm as Dr Alec Jeffreys
David Threllfall as Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker
Lorcan Cranitch
Robert Glenister
Siobhan Redmond
Dorothy Atkinson
Andrew Tiernan
Jaz Deol
Hannah Walters
Lydia Rose Bewley
Ged Simons

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