Creeped Out (CBBC – Family Channel 2017)

Creeped Out is a 13 part anthology series aimed at a junior audience (much like Shadows in the 1970’s and Dramarama in the 1980’s). The stories combine sci-fi, horror, adventure, suspense, fantasy and mystery to thrill young viewers. The individual stories will be linked together by ‘The Curious’, a mysterious story collector who appears at the beginning and end of each episode.

A major new co-production between CBBC Productions – the in-house team based in Salford – and DHX Media, Creeped Out will be filmed in the UK and Canada.

Production will start in North West England in April and in Canada in June.

None announced as yet

key behind the scenes crew
Juliet Charlesworth as Producer
Simon Barry as Executive Producer
Josh Scherba as Executive Producer
Asaph Fipke as Executive Producer
Ken Faier as Executive Producer
Bede Blake as Writer
Rob Butler as Writer

show type

broadcast from

network and production companies
CBBC – Family Channel – DHX Television

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