Crezz, The (ITV 1976 with Joss Ackland and Isla Blair)

Drama series The Crezz was basically a collection of loosely linked playing telling stories of the residents of Carlisle Crescent, a street of Victorian houses in West London.

Charles Bronte is a lecturer, he has a wife Jackie and a grown up daughter Esther; Ken Green is a writer embroiled in an affair with Emma Antrobus who is married to barrister Cyril.

There is also a gay couple – Denny and Terry, who deal in antiques; Colin Pitman and his wife Brenda both work in advertising but she earns a lot more than him which is causing some friction in the relationship. Other characters include Major Rice, Miss Hart, travel agent Clarence Henderson and Dr Balfour-Harvey who has his practice on the street.

Aiming for a La Ronde type of vibe with it’s large rotating cast The Crezz all too often resorts to shouting in place of clever dialogue. Launched with great fanfare it lost it’s prime time slot midway through it’s run and was then shown after the News at Ten instead. The cast was great though and the writing team was of high quality too including the likes of series creator Clive Exton, Alick Rowe, Willis Hall and William Trevor.

production details
UK / ITV-Thames / 12×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 September – 2 December 1976

Creator: Clive Exton / Theme Music: Tony Ashton / Producer: Paul Knight

Joss Ackland as Charles Bronte
Elspet Gray as Jackie Bronte
Hugh Burden as Doctor Balfour-Harvey
Aimee Delamain as Lady Clarke
Anthony Nicholls as Cyril Antrobus
Isla Blair as Emma Antrobus
Nicholas Ball as Colin Pitman
Janet Key as Brenda Pitman
Grant Bardsley as Giles Pitman
Charlotte Fitzgerald as Tracy Pitman
Eileen O’Brien as Bridget Macarthy
Elizabeth Begley as Mrs Macarthy
Alan Devlin as Joseph Macarthy
Peter Bowles as Ken Green
Carole Nimmons as Sue Green
Jiggy Bhore as Consuela
Briony McRoberts as Esther Bronte
Roland Curram as Terry
Paul Greenhalgh as Denny

THE EPISODES 16 September – 2 December 1976
1. THE LONGEST DAY (16 Sep 1976)
3. ALL GOOD NATURE (30 Sep 1976)
4. NIGHT MANOEUVRES (7 Oct 1976)
5. FIRE DOWN BELOW (14 Oct 1976)
6. VOICES FROM THE PAST (21 Oct 1976)
7. GONE TO THE DOGS (28 Oct 1976)
8. BENT DOUBLES (4 Nov 1976)
10. A FLASH OF INSPIRATION (18 Nov 1976)
11. THE NEWCOMERS (25 Nov 1976)
12. PITMAN’S FOLLY (2 Dec 1976)

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