Dancing Princesses, The (ITV 1979 with Jim Dale and Freddie Jones)

UK / ITV – ATV / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 18 March 1979

Writer: Derek Marlowe / Executive Producer: Terence Baker / Producer and Director: Jon Scoffield

Fairy story. A soldier is asked by the King to solved the mystery of where his daughters disappear to every night and why their slippers are always worn out.

Originally scheduled for broadcast on 17 December 1978.

Jim Dale as Soldier
Freddie Jones as King
Gloria Grahame as Witch
Peter Butterworth as Chamberlain
Peter Benson as Shoemaker
Lesley Collier as Princess
Jane Darling as Princess
Lavinia Lang as Princess
Lorna Nathan as Princess
Mo Willsher as Princess
Jane Winchester as Princess
Lance Aston as Prince
Nicholas Chagrin as Prince
Wayne Eagling as Prince
Vince Nolan as Prince
Ludovic Romano as Prince
Barrie Young as Prince

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