Dark Skies (NBC 1996-1997 with Eric Close and Megan Ward)

Scifi drama series Dark Skies took us back to the sixties for an alternate history lesson. In the early 1960’s John Loengard and Kimberly Sayers discover that an Earth takeover by aliens called The Hive is under way; A government agency, led by Frank Bach and called Majestic-12, has been set up to to try and counter the alien threat. The alien invasion had begun in 1947 (with the notorious Roswell crash).

Most of the action was centered around actual events of the 1960’s (death of Kennedy, Beatles conquering America etc). The cancelled after one season show was intended to obviously carry on and subsequent seasons would have continued the action through the 1970’s, 1980’s etc.

“Dark Skies isn’t just a TV series; it’s a blend of fact, informed speculation and dramatic license,” says Bryce Zabel, the co-creator and executive producer. “The series premise is simply this: our future’s happening in our past.”

“This is being presented as alternative history,” says executive producer James D. Parriott.”Everyone has their favorite conspiracies, but we will challenge and expand on those by building a framework that adds consistency to the alien-awareness theories.”

production details
USA / NBC – Columbia – Bryce Zybel / 1×120 minute episode 18×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1996-97

Creators: Bryce Zabel, Brent V. Friedman / Alien Effects: Todd Masters Co. / Executive Producers: Bryce Zabel, James D. Parriott

ERIC CLOSE as John Loenguard
MEGAN WARD as Kimberly Sayers
J.T. WALSH as Capt Frank Bach
JERI LYNN RYAN as Juliet (1997)
CHARLEY LANG as Dr Charlie Halligan
CONOR O’FARRELL as Phil Albano
TIM KELLEHER as Jim Steele

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