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Defying Gravity (BBC-ABC 2009 with Ron Livingston and Laura Harris)

USA – Canada – UK – Germany / BBC-ABC-CTV / 13×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 2 August – 23 October 2009

Creator: James Parriott / Producers: Ron French, Sheri Elwood

In the scifi drama series Defying Gravity we follow a team of eight astronauts (four men, four women) as they explore our solar system aboard the ship The Antares, on a six year mission. Closely monitored by Mission Control back on Earth it soon becomes obvious that some unseen force is directing them in strange ways. Maddux Donner is ships engineer, Evram Mintz is the doctor, Jen Crane the biologist, Nadia Schilling is the pilot, Zoe Barnes is a geologist, Ted Shaw is the commander of the ship, Steve Wassenfelder is physicist and Paula Morales is the lander pilot.

Played pretty straight, like an updated version of the BBC’s Moonbase 3, Defying Gravity probably suffered from its pan-country financing and the idea about the constant filming of the crew for a documentary series back on Earth seems designed purely to cater for the reality TV fan, it builds nicely though and once it becomes obvious that something is going to happen when the ships lands on Venus the tension mounts quite a bit.

Three seasons were planned but it was not to be.


RON LIVINGSTON as Maddux Donner

LAURA HARRIS as Zoe Barnes


MALIK YOBA as Ted Shaw

FLORENTINE LAHME as Nadia Sschilling

EYAL PODELL as Evram Mintz

PAULA GARCES as Paula Morales

DYLAN TAYLOR as Steve Wassenfinder

KAREN LEBLANC as Eve Weller-Shaw


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