Detectives, The (BBC-1 1993-1997, Jasper Carrott, Robert Powell)

The Detectives Robert Powell and Jasper Carrott

Misadventures of detectives Bob Louis (Jasper Carrott) and Dave Briggs (Robert Powell), quite possibly the least competent and most unsuccessful detectives ever so called. Whatever ‘results’ they get are more down to luck than judgement.

Their boss, Superintendent Cottam (George Sewell) has the thankless task of keeping them at least somewhere near the right track.

The Detectives began life as a series of occasional short sketches on Jasper Carrott’s TV sketch show before being developed into a full-scale sitcom.

The series also poked fun at other TV cop shows, the episode Studs (Season 1 24 Feb 93) featured John Nettles and Terence Alexander in character as Sgt Jim Bergerac and Charlie Hungerford and the following episode Strangers in Paradise (3 Mar 93) was a play on The Paradise Club (and for added detail the title references classic 70’s series Strangers which also featured a visit The Paradise Club in one of it’s episodes) with Leslie Grantham playing Danny Kane, his character from that show.

The Detectives also offered up a rare comedy role for the dashing Robert Powell.

production details
UK / BBC One – Celador / 29×30 minute episodes 1×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 27 January 1993 – 28 December 1997

Writers: Steve Knight, Mike Whitehill / Producers: Ed Bye, Nic Phillips

Jasper Carrott as Bob Louis
Robert Powell as Dave Briggs
George Sewell as Supt. Cottam

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