Deutschland 83 (RTL 2015, Jonay Nay, Maria Schrader)

Deutschland 83

Deutschland 83 is a gripping coming-of-age story set against the real culture wars and political events of Germany in the 1980s. The drama follows Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) as the 24 year-old East Germany native is pulled from the world as he knows it and sent to the West as an undercover spy for the Stasi foreign service. Hiding in plain sight in the West German army, he must gather the secrets of NATO military strategy. Everything is new, nothing is quite what it seems and everyone he encounters is harboring secrets, both political and personal.

Anna Winger and Joerg Winger, co-creators of Deutschland 83 said, “Deutschland 83 was born of a transatlantic relationship. Conceived at our German-American kitchen table in Berlin, written by an American with an international team, made in Germany with a diverse and remarkably talented cast and crew.

“Deutschland86” returns three years later and picks up the story of East German Agent Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) and his compatriots in the Stasi Foreign Intelligence in 1986. Martin has been banished to Africa until Aunt Lenora recruits him to fight for the last gasp of Communism in the Global Cold War. Set against the backdrop of real events during the last “Summer of Anxiety,” when terrorism raged across Western Europe, Martin’s dark mission takes him to Johannesburg, Tripoli, Paris, West Berlin and finally back to East Berlin, where he is forced to face new realities at home – and to make an impossible decision.

Jonas Nay as Martin Rauch
Maria Schrader as Lenora Rauch
Ulrich Noethen as General Wolfgang Edel
Sylvester Groth as Walter Schweppenstette
Sonja Gerhardt as Annett Schneider
Ludwig Trepte as Alex Edel
Alexander Beyer as Tobias Tischbier
Lisa Tomaschewsky as Yvonne Edel
Carina N. Wiese as Ingrid Rauch
Vladimir Burlakov as Thomas Posimski
Anna von Berg as Ursula Edel
Uwe Preuss as Markus Fuchs
Errol Trotman-Harewood as General Arnold Jackson
Godehard Giese as Karl Kramer
Michaela Caspar as Frau Netz
Florian Bartholomäi as Felix von Schwerin
Niels Bormann as Fritz Hartmann
Merab Ninidze as Alexej Stepanov
Beate Maes as Renate Werner
Jens Albinus as Henrik Mayer
Nikola Kastner as Linda Seiler
Charlotte Crome as Cosima von Schwerin
Philipp Baltus as Werner Freisinger
Thomas Chemnitz as Joachim
Peter Sikorski as Globowsky
Matthias Lier as Krishna
Lena Lauzemis as Nina

crew details
Creator: Anna LeVine

production details
Country: Germany
Network: RTL
Year of Release: 2015
Duration: 60 minutes

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