Don’t Tell Father (ITV 1959, Julia Lockwood, Colin Gordon)

In sitcom Don’t Tell Father, eccentric screenplay writer Harry Dean tends to get too involved in his scripts, much to the hilarity of his daughter Julia. Harry and Julia lived on a barge on the Thames. Guest stars included William Mervyn, Beryl Cooke and Charles Heslop.

The series offered a rare starring role for Colin Gordon whilst Julia Lockwood was the teenage daughter of film star Margaret Lockwood.

In the early seventies Julia married Doctor in the House star Ernest Clark, it caused a bit of press interest as he was considerably older than her.

production details
UK / ITV – Associated-Rediffusion / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1 June – 6 July 1959 Mondays 7.30pm

Writer: Barry Baker / Director: Pat Baker

Julia Lockwood as Julia Dean
Colin Gordon as Harry Dean
Jill Booty as Helen Carter
Noel Hood as Elizabeth Carter
Garry Marsh as Philip Lister
Joan Benham as Evelyn Wright
Barry MacGregor as Dave
Annika Wills as Diana
Robert Desmond as Hugh Collins
Kenneth Fortescue as Peter King

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