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Due South (Alliance BBC 1994-97 with Paul Gross and David Marciano)

Canada / Alliance – BBC / 1×120 minute episode 61×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1994-97

Creator: Paul Haggis / Executive Producers: Paul Haggis, Jeff King, Kathy Slevin

Crime drama series. Super straight mountie Benton Fraser finds himself working in Chicago where he is teamed up with a detective Ray Vecchio.Fraser had a pet husky dog called Diefenbaker who just happened to be deaf but was able to lip read.

Following the end of the second season the show was cancelled but thanks to overseas sales (especially the BBC in the UK) the show rose phoenix like for one more season.

PAUL GROSS as Con Benton Fraser
DAVID MARCIANO as Det Ray Vecchio
CALLUM KEITH RENNIE as Det Stanley ‘Ray’ Kawalski
BEAU STARR as Lt Harding Welsh
RAMONA MILANO as Francesco Vecchio
TONY CRAIG as Det Jack Huey
TOM MELISSIS as Det Thomas E. Dewey

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