Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure (ABC 2005, Pamela Reed, Nicholas Hammond)

Dynasty The Making of a Guilty Pleasure

From 1981-1989, ABC broadcast the phenomenally-successful primetime drama serial, Dynasty, a series that reflected the Reagan years of excess and glamour. This TV Movie takes viewers behind-the-scenes with a satirical, yet poignant, look at the show that allowed people to forget about their ordinary lives and drink in the champagne and caviar existence of the Carrington’s – a TV family dripping in jewels but short on basic morality.

Dynasty was not an instant hit series when Esther and Richard Shapiro first created the show, but it eventually dazzled audiences around the world with one of TV history’s most notoriously wicked female characters, Alexis Carrington; revolutionized the term ‘cat fight’ as Alexis and Krystle went at it through a lily pond and mud puddle; and inspired millions of women to beef up their shoulder pads. With success came bigger salary demands from the stars and an over-inflated budget, making it one of the most expensive shows on television at that time.

Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure tells of the sometimes desperate, and frequently hilarious, efforts to keep the show at the top of the ratings. No plotline was too outrageous or inconceivable for the show that left an indelible imprint on the ’80s

Pamela Reed as Esther Shapiro
John Terry as Vince Peterson
Melora Hardin as Linda Evans
Ritchie Singer as Richard Shapiro
Nicholas Hammond as Aaron Spelling
John Atkinson as Les Markowitz
Bartholomew John as John Forsythe
Alice Krige as Joan Collins
Rel Hunt as Al Corley
Tim Draxl as Joe
Julian Garner as Peter Holm
Holly Brisley as Heather Locklear
Rory Williamson as Michael Nader
Rachael Taylor as Catherine Oxenberg
Phillip Hinton as Leonard Goldenson

crew details
Director: Matthew Miller
Screenplay: Matthew Miller

production details
Country: USA – Australia
Studio: ABC
Premiered: 2 January 2005
Duration: 90 minutes

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