Empire (ABC 2005, Jonathan Cake, Emily Blunt)

Empire 2005

Empire, an epic six-hour summer drama series from the executive producers of the Academy Award-winning “Chicago,” is a sweeping limited drama series, filmed entirely in Rome and South Central Italy, focuses on Julius Caesar’s nephew, Octavius – the boy destined to become the Emperor Augustus, one of the most influential leaders in world history — who is forced into exile after Caesar’s murder, and on a fictional disgraced gladiator, Tyrannus, who has sworn to protect him.

Colm Feore as Julius Cäsar
Christopher Egan as Agrippa
Emily Blunt as Camane
James Frain as Brutus
Jonathan Cake as Tyrannus
Michael Maloney as Cassius
Santiago Cabrera as Octavius
Fiona Shaw as Fulvia
Michael Byrne as Cicero
Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Panza
Orla Brady as Atia
Stephen Graham as Bazzer
Trudie Styler as Servilia
Vincent Regan as Marcus Antonius
Graham McTavish as General Rapax

production details
Country: US – UK
Network: ABC – ITV
Duration: 6×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 2005

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