Eyewitness (NRK 2014, Axel Bøyum, Anneke von der Lippe)

Eyewitness NRK 2014

Eyewitness is a complex and atmospheric Norwegian thriller. When two teenage boys witness a multiple murder, their lives and those of their entire community are about to change forever. Fifteen-year-olds Philip and Henning meet in secret one evening at a workers barracks in a remote sand quarry in Mysen, Norway. When a car suddenly pulls up outside the two hidden youngsters end up witnessing a shocking, violent crime.

Terrified for their lives, Henning makes Philip promise that they will keep the incident between themselves. They vow never to reveal what they have seen and even dispose of important evidence in a lake. Helen Sikkeland, the local chief of police and Philip’s foster mother, is put in charge of the subsequent murder investigation.

Two officers from the Oslo Police Operations Unit, Camilla and her boss Lars, arrive and identify the victims as members of a motorcycle club, one of whom was a police informant. When it comes to light that another person was at the crime scene, Helen searches the missing persons register but it only yields one relevant hit: 15-year-old Zana, the daughter of Hamit Milonkovic, a previously convicted member of the notorious Z biker gang.

A ten part US adaptation (with the same title) aired in 2016 on the USA Network and also in 2016 there was a four part Romanian adaptation called The Silent Valley.

Axel Bøyum as Philip
Anneke von der Lippe as Helen Sikkeland
Odin Waage as Henning
Per Kjerstad as Gjerningsmann
Yngvild Støen Grotmol as Camilla
Kim Sørensen as Olle
Yngve Berven as André
Ingjerd Egeberg as Elisabeth

key behind the scenes crew
Jarl Emsell Larsen as Writer / Creator / Director

show type

broadcast from
October 20 – November 24, 2014
1 season with 6 episodes in total

network and production companies

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