Fantastic Journey, The (Columbia 1977, Jared Martin, Katie Saylor)

Fantastic Journey

Scfi drama series The Fantastic Journey followed a group of scientists and the crew of the yacht they are on after they are lost inside the Bermuda Triangle. The series then detailed their attempts to get home as they pass through different communities/time zones inside the triangle.

Jared Martin as Varian
Carl Franklin as Dr. Fred Walters
Ike Eisenmann as Scott Jordan
Katie Saylor as Liana
Roddy McDowall as Dr. Jonathan Willoway

crew details
Creator and Executive Producer: Bruce Lansbury
Theme Music: Robert Prince
Producer: Leonard Katzman

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Columbia
Duration: 60 minutes
Aired From: 1977 | 10×60 minutes and 1×70 minutes

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