Father’s Day (Channel 4 1983-1984, John Alderton, Dominique Barnes)

Written by Peter Spence but based on a column written by Hunter Davies for Punch magazine, Father’s Day focused on journalist Lylall Jarvis and his three children.

Youngest child Tasha was played by John Alderton’s real life daughter Kate.

Episode five from season one aired initially on ITV on 7 April 1983 as part of an evening dedicated to spotlighting Channel 4.

production details
UK / Channel 4-Picture Partnership / 14×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 April 1983 – 19 August 1984 2 seasons + 1 special

Writer: Peter Spence / Column: Hunter Davies / Producer: Brian Eastman / Director: Leszck Burzynski

John Alderton as Lyall Jarvis
Rosalind Ayres as Dee Jarvis (series 1)
Karen Archer as Dee Jarvis (special & series 2)
Dominique Barnes as Gemma Jarvis
Zac Nicholson as Toby Jarvis
Kate Alderton as Tasha Jarvis
Paul Angelis as Lyall’s father

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