Fellow Traveller (Screen 2 BBC-HBO 1989 with Ron Silver and Imogen Stubbs)

UK / BBC Two – BFI – HBO / 1×95 minute episodes / Broadcast 10 February 1991

Writer: Michael Eaton / Producer: Michael Wearing / Director: Philip Saville

Series: Screen Two / Season 7 Episode 4

Period drama. In the 1950’s at the height of the McCarthy witch hunts an American screenwriter arrives in Britain to work on shows such as The Adventures of Robin Hood. He has trouble getting over the suicide of his best friend, a star actor who had also been targeted by the Witch hunts.

Ron Silver as Asa Kaufman
Imogen Stubbs as Sarah Aitchison
Daniel J. Travanti as Jerry Leavy
Hart Bochner as Clifford Byrne
Julian Fellowes as D’Arcy
Richard Wilson as Sir Hugo Armstrong
Doreen Mantle as Landlady
Jonathan Hyde as Sheriff of Nottingham
Alexander Hanson as Robin Hood
Katherine Borowitz as Joan Kaufman
David O’Hara as Ronnie Wilson
Angus MacInnes as Lawyer
Nicholas Jones as Inspector

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