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Four Minute Mile, The (ABC 1988 with Richard Huw and Nique Needles)

UK / BBC – ABC – Oliver and Sullivan / 2×90 minute episodes / 1988

Writer: David Williamson / Camera: Ian Warburton, Colin Munn, John Deeble / Design: Tracy Watt, Don Taylor / Music: Richard Hartley / Producers: Pom Oliver, Errol Sullivan / Executive Producers: Ross Dimsey, Graham Massey / Director: Jim Goddard

Period drama serial. The fascinating race during the 1950’s between five athletes, Roger Bannister and Chris Chataway (from the UK), Finland’s Denis Johansson, the USA’s Wes Santee and John Landry from Australia all striving to become the first man to run a mile in under four minutes, with Roger bannister, of course, becoming the first to do so.

RICHARD HUW as Roger Bannister
NIQUE NEEDLES as John Landry
ADRIAN RAWLINGS as Chris Chataway
JOHN PHILBIN as Wes Santee
LEWIS FITZGERALD as Denis Johansson
MICHAEL YORK as Franz Stampfl
TRACY MANN as Jill Webster
GENEVIEVE PICOT as Marjorie Jackson
ADRIAN DUNBAR as Norris McWhirter
RICHARD WILSON as Harold Abrahams
ROBERT BURBAGE as Christopher Brasher
MARK PARNELL as Don MacMillan

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