Freedom Force (CBS 1978, Michael Bell, Diane Pershing)

Freedom Force

Combining two of Filmation created characters, Isis and Hercules, with two classic characters from literature, Merlin and Sinbad, and a new character, Super Samurai, the Freedom Force was one of the segments of the Tarzan and the Super 7 show (and was included in the Batman and the Super 7 show a few years later).

Led by Isis, the Freedom Force operated out of a pyramid in the Valley of Time. By bringing their combined powers and skills together, the group did battle with both evil and misunderstood beings and creatures.

Freedom Force

production details
USA / CBS – Filmation / x20 minute episodes / broadcast 1978

voice cast
Michael Bell as Merlin, Sinbad, and Super Samurai
Diane Pershing as Isis
Bob Denison as Hercules

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