Friends With Benefits (NBC 2011, Ryan Hansen, Danneel Ackles)

Friends With Benefits

Sitcom Friends With Benefits had a great pedigree but sadly failed to find an audience. It was put together by Brian Grazer of A Beautiful Mind and Arrested Development fame and focused on a group of friends in their mid twenties who are all single and looking for love, They are decidedly loyal to each other and not averse to sharing a bed if the need arises.

The main focus of the series is Ben Lewis who wants to meet the woman of his dreams but has set his standards pretty high, meanwhile his best friend is doctor Sara Maxwell who is convinced she is read to settle down. The friends have fallen into the habit of offering up both moral and physical support to each other on a semi-regular basis.

Also making up the group are tech expert Aaron Greenway, Julian “Fitz” Fitzgerald who is something of a ladies man and the free spirited Riley. All of whom have their own dating issues too.

production details
USA | NBC – Imagine Television – TCF – Big Kid Pictures

RUNNING TIME: 30 minutes | NUMBER OF EPISODES: 13 (only 12 aired) | ORIGINAL AIRDATES: 5 August – 9 September 2011

CREATOR: Brian Grazer | EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Brian Grazer, Ira Ungerleider, David Dobkin, Jeff Kleeman

RYAN HANSEN as Ben Lewis
DANNEEL ACKLES as Sara Maxwell
ZACH CREGGER as Miss March
ANDRE HOLLAND as Julian “Fitz” Fitzgerald
JESSICA LUCAS as Riley Elliott

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