Ghost Hunter, The (BBC-1 1999-2002, Jean Marsh, Richard Hanson)

Spooky drama series The Ghost Hunter saw Roddy Oliver befriending a ghost from the past and then ending up tangling with an evil ghost hunter.

Season 3 involved time travel with the action switching between Victorian England, the present and the future where Roddy is an adult and his two children this time team up with the Shoe-Shine Boy to stop the Ghost Hunter’s latest scheme.

production details
UK / BBC One – Zenith North / 18×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 1999 – 2002 Tuesdays/Thursdays 5.10pm

Writers: Ivan Jones, Roy Apps / Novel: Ivan Jones / Music: David Chilton, Nick Russell-Pavier / Costume: Val Metheringham / Design: Pilar Foy / Camera: Mike Thomson / Producer and Director: David Bell

JEAN MARSH as Mrs Croker the Ghost Hunter
WILLIAM THEAKSTON as Roddy Oliver (to Season 2)
LEE GODWIN as William Povey the Shoe-Shine Boy
VERITY-JANE DEARSLEY as Tessa Oliver (to Season 2)
TRACY BRABIN as Mrs Oliver (to Season 2)
JOHN McANDREW as Mr Oliver (to Season 2)
TERRY CROW as Wally Crabbe
ANDREW HAVILL as Professor Darcy (Season 3)
EDDIE BROWN as Leo (Season 3)
KELLY SALMON as Bex (Season 3)

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