Gifted (ITV 2003 with Claire Goose and Christine Tremarco)

UK / ITV-1 – Rollem / 1×120 minute episode / Broadcast 29 October 2003

Writer: Kay Mellor / Producer: Pippa Cross / Director: Douglas MacKinnon

Drama. Sharon meets a star footballer and goes home with him but wakes up the next morning in bed with him with no memory of what happened. She suspects him of drugging and raping her but nothing can be proven because she left it too late for a positive blood test. Sharon’s friend Maxine then sets herself up for the same treatment with the footballer in order to get proof of his crimes.

Kay Mellor also managed to write herself a substantial role in the production too.

Claire Goose as Maxine Norris
Christine Tremarco as Sharon Harrison
Kenny Doughty as Jamie Gilliam
Kay Mellor as Linda Norris
David Hayman as Michael Sanderson
John McArdle as Steve Moran
John Benfield as Harry Boothroyd
Nick Reding as Adam Gosling
Pip Torrens as Richard Neilson
Paul Popplewell as Sean Dwyer
Abdul Salis as Rowan Angelis
Andrew Dunn as Detective Constable Fairchild
Katisha Kenyon as Joanne
Jane Relph as Kim
Katie Ferguson as Keely
Steve Evetts as Mr Gilliam
Mary Jo Randle as Mrs Gilliam
Caroline Carver as Faye Steadman
Richard Burke as Aaron Brooks
James Wells as Lee Jones
Harmage Singh Kalirai as Mr Kapoor
Seamus O’Neill as Roy
Bill Fellows as Ian Norris
Perveen Hussain as Beth
Steve Hillman as Jim Parkinson
Charles McCurdy as Judge Winston
Jo Rowden as Detective Sergeant Dickson
Keeley Hall as Leanne

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