Haggard Falcon, The (BBC-2 1974 with Ian Olgilvy and Roddy McMillan)

UK / BBC Two / 4×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 August – 7 September 1974

Writer: Bill Craig / Production Design: Walter Miller / Producer: Pharic Maclaren / Director: Mike Vardy.

In 1565 soldier of fortune Dominic Allardyce returns home to Edinburgh to wed his sweetheart only to discover that she is missing believed dead. Dominic, whom the locals are convinced has ties to the fugitive Earl of Bothwell, is convinced that foul play is afoot and sets out to uncover what is really going on.
Ian Ogilvy as Dominic Allardyce
Roddy McMillan as Gillespie
Alex McAvoy as Puddock
John Carlisle as Lethington
Anne Kristen as Kirstie
Charles Kearney as Wattie
Valerie Pfeiffer as Ewfame
Patrick Lewsley as Joseph
Paul Young as Bastien
Ian Ireland as Turnkey
Martin Heller as Randolph
Brian Coburn as Blackadder
Mary Ann Reid as Mary Queen of Scots
Virginia Stark as Gellie
Willie Joss as Fletcher

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