Heat of the Sun (ITV 1998, Trevor Eve, Susannah Harker)

Heat of the Sun

In the excellent but short lived Heat of the Sun it is the 1930’s and Supertintendent Albert Tyburn of Scotland Yard crosses the line once too often and rather than be forced out of the force all together he is sent out to Kenya in Nairobi to head up a new criminal investigation unit. He soon finds that the gin drinking ex-pats are none too keen to have him around but he finds that murder and mystery are never far away.

His cases include murder and kidnap but he constantly finds himself brushing up against his boss Commissioner Ronald Burkitt who cares more about what people think and keeping the British upper lip very stiff than with getting results.

A typically top notch performance from Trevor Eve, fabulous production values and strong writing make Heat of the Sun very watchablee indeed. It’s a bit forgotten these days running as it did for just three episodes but it was high calibre stuff and guest stars included the likes of Tim Woodward, Hugh Bonneville, Diana Quick, Cathryn Harrison, Joss Ackland and Geoffrey Bayldon.

production details
UK / ITV Network – Carlton

RUNNING TIME: 120 Minutes | NUMBER OF EPISODES: 3 | AIRDATES: 28 January – 11 February 1998 Wednesdays @ 8.00pm

PRODUCER: Ann Tricklebank | MUSIC: Nick Bicat | EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Ted Childs

TREVOR EVE as Superintendent Albert Tyburn
SUSANNAH HARKER as Emma Fitzgerald
MICHAEL BYRNE as Commissioner Ronald Burkitt
JULIAN RHIND-TUTT as as Assistant Superintendent James Valentine
DAVID HOROVITCH as Dr Emil Mueller

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