Heil Honey I’m Home! (BSB 1990, Neil McCaul, DeNica Fairman)

Heil Honey I'm Home

Heil Honey I’m Home was an incredibly bizarre attempt to make a sitcom around Adolf Hitler’s home life painting him as a suburbanite living in an apartment with Eva Braun next door to a Jewish family in 1938.

Highly controversial the show was pulled after one episode with the other seven remaining unseen.

The show was made by fledging satellite channel BSB so hardly anybody saw the show anyway but of course it’s infamy has seen it a regular part of clip driven worst of shows ever since.

production details
UK / British Satellite Broadcasting – Noel Gay TV / 8×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 30 September 1990

Writer: Geoff Atkinson / Producer: Harry Waterson / Executive Producer: Paul Jackson

Neil McCaul as Adolf Hitler
DeNica Fairman as Eva Braun
Gareth Marks as Arny Goldenstein
Caroline Gruber as Rosa Goldenstein
Laura Brattan as Ruth

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