At Home In Mitford (Hallmark 2017, Andie MacDowell, Cameron Mathison)

At Home In Mitford Hallmark

It’s easy to feel at home in Mitford; the surroundings are green and natural, the air is fresh and pure, the village is charming and the people who live there are neighborly and lovable – all the things writer Cynthia Coppersmith (MacDowell) is looking for to help her finish her next book. When Cynthia arrives in the picture-perfect town to settle her beloved uncle’s affairs after his passing and get his house ready for sale, she is quickly drawn in to life in Mitford.

Father Tim Kavanaugh (Mathison), the town’s bachelor rector, develops feelings for Cynthia despite their rocky start, as does a handsome realtor who seems to be looking to hang a “sold” sign on Cynthia’s heart. After Cynthia agrees to help Father Tim look after a lonely boy in need of some TLC in the wake of his parents’ military deployment overseas, it becomes clear that Mitford has grown on her like a beautiful, flowering vine. By the time she finishes her latest book about a magical cat named Violet, Cynthia is torn between returning to the big city and making Mitford her new home.

Andie MacDowell as Cynthia
Cameron Mathison as Tim
Ken Tremblett as Jack
David Lewis as Hal
Sarah Edmondson as Marge
Jody Andrews as Olivia Davenport
Daniel Bacon as James
Chris Cope as Guy
Edie Hennessey as Zoey Owens
Kehli O’Byrne as Sally

crew details
Executive Producers: Andie MacDowell, Howard Braunstein
Producer: Christian Bruyere
Director: Gary Harvey
Writers: Margaret Oberman, Pam Wallace
Original Author: Jan Karon

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Hallmark
Duration: 90 minutes
Aired From: 20 August 2017

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