Hope Island (Pax TV 1999-2000, Cameron Daddo, Suki Kaiser)

Hope Island

Hope Island, a US take on British series Ballykissangel, is set in the beautiful and quaint seafaring town of Hope Island, a place where time-honored traditions frequently collide with unpredictable challenges of contemporary life. A small community of only 1,998 people, Hope Island is located just outside of Seattle, but it remains a world apart. The series boasts a rich and colorful cast of characters, whose grit and individuality lead to strong drama and whimsical comedy. Aptly named, Hope Island is a place which seems to draw newcomers and returning natives alike who are seeking a new beginning.

Daniel Cooper (Cameron Daddo), a newly ordained handsome young minister, is Hope Island’s most recent arrival and leading character. After suffering a painful heartbreak that nearly turned his life upside down, Daniel sets off to start a new life and attempt to rebuild an old church on Hope Island. The island offers a chance to finally discover what his faith means to him and share it with others. This is the first time in his life that people come to him seeking answers, and he struggles with knowing more about uncertainty than he does about right answers. One thing he is sure about: as much as he hopes to make a difference to Hope Island, Hope Island will most definitely change Daniel.

Upon arriving, Daniel is introduced to some of Hope Island’s residents and other series regulars which include, Widow’s Walk tavern owner and town cynic, Alex Stone (Suki Kaiser) and her son, Dylan (Max Peters); Hope Island’s sole law enforcement officer Kevin Mitchell (David Lewis); life-long Hope native Molly Brewster (Allison Hossack) and her outlandish and overeager business-minded father, Brian Brewster (Duncan Fraser); Callie Pender (Veena Sood), owner and sole proprietor of Hope’s only local paper, and Nub Flanders (Haig Sutherland), a mysterious introvert with many hidden talents.

production details
USA / Pax TV – Paxson Entertainment – Paramount – Lionsgate / 22×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 12 September 1999 – 3 April 2000

Creators: Mary Hanes, Jason Milligan / Executive Producer: Mary Hanes

Cameron Daddo as Rev. Daniel Cooper
Suki Kaiser as Alex Stone
Duncan Fraser as Brian Brewster
Haig Sutherland as Nub Flanders
Allison Hossack as Molly Brewster
David Lewis as Kevin Mitchum
Matthew Walker as Father Mac
Beverley Elliot as Bonita Vasquez
Gina Stockdale as Ruby Vasquez
Brian Jenson as Boris Obolenski
Max Peters as Dylan Stone
Veena Sood as Callie Pender

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