I’m a Juvenile Delinquent, Jail Me! (BBC-2 2004, James Stone, Gary Molyneaux)

A spoof reality show (with the above title) where the viewers of it vote on which crimes they want to see a gang of juveniles commit next. Shown in BBC Learning Zone.

James Stone as Posh Boy
Gary Molyneux as Kevin
Ben Molyneux as Ken
Nicholas McGrane as Karl
Paisley Reid as Kristal
Barry Sloane as Piers
Neil Fitzmaurice as Dean
Carla Henry as Bette
Shaun Mason as TV executive / TV guy #1 / Reporter #1 / Radio announcer
Christine Tremarco as Posh Boy’s mum / TV guy #2 / Reporter #2 / 2nd radio announcer
Andrew Schofield as TV pundit / TV interviewer / Deputy head
Sarah Wilkinson as Interviewer
Claire O’Regan as Champagne girl #1
Jenny Ward as Champagne girl #2
Tod Davies as The Boss

crew details
Writer: Todd Davies
Producer: Solon Papadopoulos

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Company: BBC Two – Hurricane
Year of Release: 2004
Duration: 28 minutes
Aired From: 14 January 2004

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