Kings Royal (BBC-1 1982 with Tom Bell and Eric Deacon)

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UK / BBC One / 18×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 10 January 1982 – 24 July 1983

Writer: Ewart Alexander / Novel: John Quigley / Script Editor: Maggie Allen / Music: Paul Lewis / Producer: Geraint Morris

Period drama series. In Victorian Glasgow Fergus King has grown up the hard way but earns himself a place in society and is now head of the prosperous Kings Whiskey distillery. Meanwhile the rest of his family, especially son Robert and son-in-law Tom are fighting to gain the upper hand and take control of the King empire.

Tom Bell as Fergus King (season one)
Eric Deacon as Robert King
Louie Ramsay as Rita King
Sally Osborn as Gwen Hoey
Andrew Keir as Morrison
Anne Kristen as Mrs Veitch
Heather James as Fiona King
Sally Osborn as Gwen Hoey
Dallas Adams as John Calderwood
Malcolm Rennie as Ross
Michael McKevitt as McNair

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