Kitchen Nightmares (Fox 2007-2014, Gordon Ramsay)

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares: Hell hath no fury like an angry chef, and no chef has a sharper temper than Gordon Ramsay when things go wrong in the kitchen. The star of the highly rated culinary boot camp “Hell’s Kitchen” returns to FOX with another sizzling unscripted series.

This time, Chef Ramsay hits the road in each episode, tackling a restaurant in crisis and exposing the stressful realities of trying to run a successful food business. Inspired by one of the UK’s biggest hits, Kitchen Nightmares is seen in more than 50 territories around the globe, and the series reveals a whole new side to Ramsay. He’s still prone to the explosive outbursts and spectacular confrontations familiar to fans of “Hell’s Kitchen,” but he also shows his sensitive and nurturing side – a unique blend of fury, passion, inspirational leadership and tough love that can coax a small spark of talent into a roaring flame.

There’s no time for polite small talk as Ramsay embarks on his mission to turn things around. If the wine waiter’s service isn’t up to par, he’ll be out the door before he can say “merlot.” If the head chef doesn’t match up to Ramsay’s expectations, Ramsay will hammer him into shape, and if he can’t stand the heat, he may quit the kitchen. Ramsay’s reputation is on the line, so there’s bound to be high blood pressure, raised voices and serious clashes as he attempts to do the impossible: turn a deserted dining room into the most sought-after venue in town in just a week.

Gordon Ramsay as Head Chef

key behind the scenes crew
Arthur Smith as Executive Producer
Gordon Ramsay as Executive Producer
Kent Weed as Executive Producer
Lindsay Kugler as Executive Producer
Patricia Llewellyn as Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
9/19/2007 – 9/12/2014
6 seasons with 93 episodes in total.

network and production companies
Fox – A. Smith & Company Productions – ITV Studios – Optomen Television

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