Kung Fu (ABC 1972-1975, David Carradine, Keye Luke)

Kung Fu

Kung Fu was a hybrid western meets martial arts drama series. Caine, a Chinese American Shaolin priest searches across the American West for his missing brother. Caine was also wanted by the Chinese legation for killing (in self defence) a Ming Prince.

Guest stars included the likes of Harrison Ford, Jodie Foster, Barbara Hershey, Robert Urich, Gary Busey, Tina Louise and William Shatner. The show helped make Kung Fu popular in the US.

1986 saw a failed CBS pilot called Kung Fu: The Movie with David Caradine still wandering the west. Then in 1987 another failed pilot emerged called Kung Fu: The Next Generation updated the action to the 1980’s. David Darlow also played a character called Kwai Chang Caine but trying to settle down as a family man.

In 1993 the series was revived for Syndication which focused on Caine’s grandson also called Kwai Chang Caine. Again this was updated to modern times and starred David Carradine.

production details
USA / ABC – Warner – Jerry Thorpe / 66×60 minute episodes / 1972-75

Creator: Ed Spielman / Theme Music: Jim Helms / Producers: Jerry Thorpe, Alex Beaton, Herman Miller, Bill Perry

DAVID CARRADINE as Kwai Chang Caine
RADAMAS PERA as Young Caine
KEYE LUKE as Master Po
PHILIP AHN as Master Kan

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