Ladies In Charge (ITV 1985 with Carol Royle and Julie Hills)

UK / ITV – Thames / 6×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 May – 17 June 1985

Creator: Kate Herbert Hunting / Producer: Peter Duguid / Executive Producer: Lloyd Shirley

Period drama series. When world war one ends three young women, who had been working as ambulance drivers on the front, decide they can’t go back to their former, boring lives and instead set up their own agency specialising in helping people in need.

The three are Babs, Diana and Vicky, however in the pilot broadcast as part of the Storyboard anthology series there was a different girl called Polly (played by Amanda Root) in place of Vicky.

The series format is very loosely based on that of a real post war organisation called the Universal Aunts.

CAROL ROYLE as Diana Granville
JULIA HILLS as Babs Palmer
JULIA SWIFT as Vicky Barton

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